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SMILE MAKERS The Frenchman

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External clitoral and vulva vibrator.Size: 14.6 cm x 3 cm.Smooth skin-safe silicone. Four-speed settings. Super silent. 100% Waterproof. Phthalate-free. Safe for internal use. AAA Battery, 4 hrs of fun! We suggest to use the silky serum with this product. Did you know the clitoris embeds 8,000 nerve endings, making it super sensitive When it comes to perfect passion, this linguist is going to give you an education on oral sex. The most flexible of all our sensual toys and made of the softest silicone, this sex toy mimics the soft touch of a tongue and mouth. Ideal for solo sessions or couple fun, you can play with this tongue vibrator to explore erogenous zones from the clitoris to the labia.Tips on how to use it -1. For a realistic experience, lube up tip the of the tongue and caress yourself with it. Play with different speeds and pulsation modes to enhance sensation. 2. Enhance foreplay and use it to explore each other erogenous zone during partner sex.