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OFRA COSMETICS Signature Eye Shadow Palette - Exquisite Eyes

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Our brand new sparkly eyeshadow palette is perfect for the holiday season, containing five beautiful shimmer and matte shades. This versatile formula can be applied dry for subtle shading or damp for more intense color. It is also a hypoallergenic formula suitable for even the most sensitive eye areas.Shades from left to right:- Peach (A warm peach with a slight golden sheen)- Victory (An ultra-pigmented taupe-brown with a metallic finish)- Syrup (A golden-amber with a metallic finish)- Millennium Bark (A cool-toned deep brown with a satin finish)- Raisin (Warm red-brown with a slight sheen)For best brush options look at Brush #3 Eyeshadow Brush, Brush #20 Wide Eyeshadow Brush, or Brush #4 Hard Angle for Creases to create fine lines. All shades consist of 2 grams each.